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Creating Quality Outdoor Spaces for Businesses

DFW Concrete Pros helped transform the local Starbucks' outdoor space, enhancing its patio

and sidewalk. Our exceptional work demonstrates the high level of expertise and dedication we

bring to every project.

Crafting a Perfect Patio

The process began with pouring the patio floor and wall base. Using plywood pieces to form the

patio's top, the work ensured not only structural integrity but also a beautiful finish. To maintain

concrete density, we employed a vibrating tool with a long tube and vibrating shaft, guaranteeing

a void-free and sturdy surface. A final touch of hydraulic cement provided a clean and flawless


Installing Steel Posts for Utility Screen and Fencing

To ensure the sidewalk's durability, we embedded steel posts into the ground before pouring the

concrete. These posts extend three feet down, providing unwavering support for the utility

screen and fence Starbucks planned to install.

Our meticulous work has not only enhanced Starbucks' outdoor space but also improved the

overall customer experience. At DFW Concrete Pros, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional

craftsmanship, ensuring every project is a success. For all your concrete needs, contact us


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