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DFW Concrete Pros Provide Durable EV Charging Station Pads

Meeting Amazon's Charging Station Needs

DFW Concrete Pros takes pride in projects that aid in sustainable infrastructure such as Amazon's electric vehicle charging station expansion. The project involved the installation of transformer pads, a vital component of EV charging stations.

Precision in Every Project

Executing this crucial task, our skilled team at DFW Concrete Pros dug six inches deep to pour the concrete for the transformer pads. Making precision a priority, the team followed Amazon’s blueprints with meticulous attention to detail.

Efficient Installation of Multiple Pads

In partnership with Amazon, DFW Concrete Pros successfully constructed multiple transformer pads, contributing to the growth of the company’s EV charging infrastructure. Our expertise and dedication to quality is on display in every project we oversee, covering a wide range of concrete needs.

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